Williams Renault FW16 – Adelaide 1994, Part 1

This is my first update on here in a while, but not because I’ve not been doing any model making. 

After finishing my Prost/Senna diorama last year, I decided that I wanted to build another diorama of a famous (or infamous) title decider, so I plumped with Damon Hill & Michael Schumacher’s notorious collision at the 1994 Australian Grand Prix. 

The infamous clash between Michael Schumacher & Damon Hill at the 1994 Australian Grand Prix

I purchased the kits (both from Tameo), last year and started work on the Williams before Christmas. However, my second daughter was born shortly before Christmas and like any good Dad, I was rightfully distracted!! 

After the New Year, I was able to start work on my modelling again so started to build the Williams kit. I have built this kit three times before (twice as a static display, and once as part of my Mansell pit stop diorama), so it was a very familiar experience to return. 

Bodywork painted, and decals being applied

As is typical with Tameo kits, the model was a joy to build. I bought the kit from Grand Prix Models, and it was some old stock they had ,anaged to get hold of. Even though the Cartograph decals must’ve been c.22 years old they still went onto the kit beautifully with no issues. 

The kit starting to come together, a temporary “closed visor” helmet in place on the driver figure
The same stage of the construction, from a lower angle.

I’ve started to tweet updates more regularly than I update my website (you can follow me at @badwolfminif1 ), and whilst I was making the kit I tweeted an update on the kit copying in Damon Hill. You can imagine my delight when I got a reply!!

My moment of twitter fame, courtesy of no other than Damon Hill, 1996 F1 World Champion

I was particularly pleased with how the crash helmets with real transparent visors had worked out on my previous project, so I was determined to do the same on this model. I managed to find some old helmet decals (which originally came with a kit of the 1996 Williams Renault), that were perfect for this diorama. Whilst Damon Hill’s basic helmet design remained the same throughout his F1 career, there were subtle changes (withe coming and going of sponsors) throughout his career, even whilst he was at Williams. Referring to some reference photos from the Australian and Japanese Grand Prix from 1994 helped me make sure that I had got the helmet just right.

The driver figure, after much arduous filing, no able to fit in the rather snug cockpit of the FW16

It was this reference to photographs of the race which showe me that Damon Hill had a pipe coming out of the front of his crash helmet at this particular race, presumably connected to the car’s drinks bottle. I was able to recreate this with some very thin florists wire, which was inserted an glued into a very tint hole drilled into the front of the crash helmet. 

The car finished, driver figure installed, awaiting the final few finishing details
I really love the effect created with the transparent visors. I managed to install this one without two many of the tiny rivets disappearing forever as they “pinged” across the living room!
Sometimes Luca Tameo’s wonderful kits look so realistic.. the challenge is doing justice to them

Overall, this has been a really enjoyable kit to build. Having built it a number of times before there was an element of “going through the motions”, but concentrating on the driver figure helped me maintain my interest!!

The finished model

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