McLaren Honda MP4/5 – Suzuka 1989 – Part 2

Some more slow progress being made on the second McLaren of Brazilian legend Ayrton Senna. 

This is the first project that I have worked on where it has been necessary to build two identical kits… which brings its own challenges. The Prost car was a success, so the pressure is on to build another car as identically as possible… being displayed directly alongside each other will accentuate any differences at all. 

The main challenge here (again), was the driver figure. After referring to photographs, I was able to piece together a figure from Denizen parts which replicated Senna waving at Prost as he walked away from his car…

The main reference photograph being used, showing Prost walking away, and Senna’s hand raised.
The 2nd car in test position, showing similarities to the above photograph
Another view of the 2nd car and driver in test position

After working on the figure, I then pieced together the rear suspension. My attention will next turn to painting the figure, assembling the front & rear wings, and the front suspension. 

Rear suspension fitted, and tyres temporarily put in place
Another view of the car in the same condition

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