Silverstone 1991 Diorama – Part 3 – Ferrari 643

Ferrari 643, driven by four times World Champion Alain Prost. Tameo Kit, Denizen figure (minus a few small details)
Having completed the Williams, and then the diorama base, I had to build the two other vehicles in the diorama

  • Ferrari 643
  • Tyrrell Honda 020

Both of these cars would be built from Tameo Kits, which I bought from the wonderful Grand Prix Models. 

The kit built  pretty well out of the box (as Tameo kits tend to), but there were large mould seam lines down either side of the chassis. I was able to gently sand these out using a fine finishing paper, which helped give a very clean finish. 

The Tameo kit is modelled on the car which raced in the 1991 French Grand Prix (the race before Silverstone), so is pretty similar to the car which ran at the 1991 British Grand Prox. The only differences being that the Marlboro logos on the nose and either side of the airbox  were “straight” when run in France, but changed to the “slanted” version (still minus the word “Marlboro”) at Silverstone. Also the yellow flashes on the rear wing at Silverstone were missing in France, but I was able to reinstate these using some spare decals from a previous kit (Ferrari F1-89). 

The kit features all of the usual Tameo detail, including fine photo-etched parts for the suspension and front and rear wings

The kit was a pretty straightforward build, and painted in Tamiya’s TS-8 (Italian Red) which gave a really beautiful finish. 

The biggest issue I had on the build related to the driver figure. Because of the small pre-1995 cockpit, the figure was always going to be a snug fit, but because of the diorama I had chosen to build the driver needed to be steering to the right. Denizen only make a pre-95 driver steering to the left, so I had to buy a right-steering figure, as transplant the arms into the smaller body!

The helmet decals were purchased on eBay 

Driver figure installed and decals applied

  All in all, this was a very simple and enjoyable model to make. Once finished, it was time to move onto the final element, Satoru Nakajima’s Tyrrell Honda.   
The finished model (minus a few details) on the work bench

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