Williams Renault FW14 – Silverstone 1991 – Part 2

Having managed to craft the Senna figure from a selection of “off the shelf”, figures, I turned my attention to the car itself, and the Mansell figure.

The car is the Tameo Williams Renault FW14 based on the car run at the 1991 Italian Grand Prix.  The car is pretty similar to the car run at Silverstone, with the exception that the car used at Monza ran a very “skinny”, low downforce rear ring.

The car run at Silverstone ran a more conventional, medium downforce rear wing. However, I couldn’t justify spending over £30 to acquire the few photo etched pieces that constitute the correct rear wing, so I decided to stick with the low downforce rear wing as per the Tameo kit.

Having painted the kit, it was time to start applying the decals…


Adding the first decal to the monocoque

The original Tameo kit suggested painting the air-box yellow, but I wasn’t confident in this approach as I wasn’t sure I’d get a good enough colour match to the monocoque.  I therefore ordered some Tameo decals intended for the FW14B from Grand Prix Models.

This took a few weeks to arrive from Italy, so this gave me some time to work on the Mansell figure:

Denizen helmet, decorated with a mixture of hand-painted design and decals harvested from previous builds


The completed figure held on a cocktail stick


With the figure completed (and the additional decals now arrived from Italy), I was able to finish adding the livery to the car’s bodywork.


The main body decals now completed, with the addition of some “non-tobacco” Camel decals from the Tameo Williams Renault FW15 kit (my first ever 1/43 build)

It was now time to “test-fit” the two figures. In this scale, the addition of a few coats of paint/varnish can make all the difference…


Mansell looking a little too “snug” in the cockpit (even bearing in mind the trouble he went on to have at McLaren in 1995!!)

After a little light filing here and there (and moulding a make-shift “seat” for Mansell from milliput putty) both figures looked comfortable and realistic:

The finished model (minus wing mirrors)


The finished model in low profile

Overall this is a build that I am very pleased with. Although the rear wing is inaccurate, the rest of the model is pretty much there or there abouts.

Next up, was the choice of how to display the model…

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